Integrated solutions

Advanced technologies and contemporary trends from the market of geo-technical anchors require a constant development, progress and new, innovative ideas which provide our customers with complex and quality solutions.

The production of the Rafael anchors is carried out in the venue of the company, under the surveillance of the professional team with long standing experiences, and with the most on-line computerised steel strands-setting equipment.

The computerised equipment assures a constant achievement of the top-quality of our products and services that are followed and tested with the system of internal control under a permanent supervision of the accredited body (ZAG Slovenia), as well as in compliance with the 9001 certificate provisions.

Our customers are treated comprehensively and individually. For this reason, each product is produced by request and stored in protection steel cages until its setting-up, thus enabling as good protection from eventual damages as possible.

Our work is distinguished for its innovative approach to the sorting out the problems in the building trade, rich experiences, professional knowledge, advanced development and high quality, matching both national and European standards, as well as long-lasting partnerships.

Pridobljeni certifikati

  • ISO 9001