Values, mission, vision


Creating a safe co-existence with nature.

The company is an expert in the field of railway, road, hydro and ground constructions:

  • our constructions make railway and road traffic faster and safer,
  • we manage to fight the forces of nature with the rehabilitation of avalanches, and make the ground surface ready for an effective usage by the in-building of the ground anchors,
  • our hydro-constructions enable dealing with water energy and using it in a safe way,
  • final constructions are given a natural appearance matching perfectly with the environment they belong to,
  • the construction of noise barriers prevents noise pollution in the living environment and ensures a higher quality of life for people living near highways and railways.


In the next ten years, the Rafael Company is the most recognised Slovene expert in the field of railway, road and hydro constructions, rehabilitation of avalanches, and the biggest manufacturer of geo-technical anchors in the south east of Europe.


  • Permanent quality,
  • precision,
  • reliability,
  • innovativeness,
  • trust,
  • safety.

Pridobljeni certifikati

  • ISO 9001