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Anchor assembly

1 The final anti-corrosion protection is achieved by the involvement of a dome-shaped protection cover made from the UV and mechanical damages resistant artificial material, which remains if exposed to fog, salt and coastline weather conditions. The placement of the dome is simple, no additional openings are required to be drilled for the means of fixing. The protection cover is of gray colour which matches well with the concrete construction.

2 Double protection-sealing of the anchor head with an additional drain protects the anchor head from the penetration of hinterland water. The seals are the result of the Rafael Company development and enable a highlevel sealing of circular and elliptic protection tubes of the anchor.

3 The anchors are made from high quality steel strands: The nominal diameter Ø = 15.7 mm (0.62”), the nominal surface of the lateral section 150 mm2, steel quality (the yield stress fp0,1k = 1670 N/mm2; tensile strength Fpk = 1860 N/mm2.)

4 A corrugated sheathing involved in the Rafael anchor is the result of the company’s proper development. A spiral socket with a bigger difference between the thread and apex enables better resistance to bending at different temperatures of the surrounding environment, as well as better resistance of the injection mass to ribs and consequently higher load capacity of the anchor in the hole.

5 Steel components of the anchor are arranged into ready grooves. This assures the central setting-up of the anchor and a symmetrical transfer of the force on to the hinterland construction as a result.

6 The Rafael anchor of a single-stress system is simple and enables a high stress quality in compliance with the European Technical Conformity ETA – 08/0002 of the Austrian partnership company VBT GmbH.

7 According to the attained Slovene Technical Approval, the usual anti-corrosion protection with a gray domeshaped cover, filled with hot vaseline, may also be protected by a transparent protection cover and transparent anti-corrosion gel which means a huge progress at a simple manipulation, control and visual outlook.

Anchor Assebmly

Anchor head – transmitts the force of the fixed anchor length to the structure
Free anchor length - transmitts the force of the fixed anchor length to the anchor head
Fixed anchor length - tensile force is transmitted to the rear

Pridobljeni certifikati

  • ISO 9001
  • ZAG